Challenge Demcare: Coping with Challenging Behaviours in dementia  

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This online evidence - based course was developed in 2009 to support practitioners in treating some of the most costly aspects of dementia care. The health (i.e. multi-morbidities /medications) component was updated in 2018.  It is aimed at staff /practitioners supporting people with dementia and families. It is not intended for use by people with dementia or families. The term ‘challenging behaviour’ does not imply ‘mis-behaviour’ that can undermine dignity in people living with a dementia. It has been used to reflect the health and psychosocial need(s) that ‘hands-on-staff’ and family carers have significant difficulty in responding to. 

Module 3 assists practitioners of all disciplines in structuring assessments/observations to detect the causes of ‘behaviours that challenge’ caregivers; and to then offer personalised health and psychosocial support for unmet need(s) in a given situation.  It also reminds staff to seek appropriate professional help in reviewing past responses that may not now be relevant (e.g. antipsychotics /other psychotropic drugs/drug interactions in cases of multi-morbidity /frailty/delirium).  

For a limited period (two months) a phone -based blended learning opportunity with one case, to support this e- learning can be offered by the course developer. This is for specialist practitioners working in the UK who:

· have completed Module 3 and the feedback survey; and 

· do not have access to multidisciplinary professionals such as doctors or specialist psychologists.  


For further information you can contact us using the course email provided.